Brad Sells' art can be seen in Schools, Hospitals, and other Public Installations.

Brad Sells' Peace, Wellness, Hope and Strength

Peace, Wellness, Hope, and Strength
Cookeville Regional Medical Center

Peace, Wellness, Hope, and Strength was commissioned by Cookeville Regional Medical Center. The work represents the connection of family. The family representation is enveloped in a double helix strand of doves. The marriage of spirit and science is evident in this complex piece.

This theme is strengthened by the use of Red Ivory keys from the “mother land” in Africa, believed to be the cradle of all modern human beings. The sculpture was created from a large blue spruce that was removed for the new addition to the medical center. The work is over 20 ft. tall and took more than a year to produce.


Brad Sells' Soaring Science Eagle Tennessee Technological University’s Millard Oakley STEM CenterSoaring Science Eagle
Tennessee Technological University’s Millard Oakley STEM Center

The Millard Oakley STEM Center for the Teaching and Learning of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics at Tennessee Tech University is a state-of-the-art education facility designed to provide cutting-edge resources and training for teachers PreK-12th grade, while offering engaging hands-on, minds-on experiences for students and families throughout the Upper Cumberland Region. This inspiring regional resource encourages young learners to pursue STEM-education studies and careers.

Adorning the body and wings of the Soaring Science Eagle are a variety of carved-in formulas and equations, the periodic table, and images of the solar system. The center of the bird of prey references the four powers of the natural world and a search for a unification theory. The eagle has a 17 ft. wingspan and a torso carved from a 5 ft. diameter oak tree.


Brad Sells with Capshaw Elementary School StudentUntitled
Capshaw Elementary School

Brad Sells' at Capshaw Elementary SchoolThis project was commissioned through a grant from the Tennessee Arts Commission. Five sculptures were carved, one for each grade at the school (K-4th).

The students were invited to the studio and allowed to put their handprints on the sculpture. These prints were then carved into the sides of each of the five sculptures. This surface texture was inspired by the plaster hand molds the children made in art class.

The oak tree used for the project was removed from the school grounds during the construction of a new wing.

 Brad Sells' Untitled at Capshaw Elementary School



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